The fifth ISPE Pharma 4.0™ Survey, how far in the journey are we?

Teresa Minero illustrates, in an exclusive interview, the state of the art of digitization in Pharma, with particular focus on the survey conducted by ISPE on Pharma 4.0 ™



On the sidelines of the “Digitization and Pharma 4.0” event organized by SPS Italia and Ispe Italy Affiliate, in media partnership with Makinglife, Teresa Minero – CEO & Founder of LifeBee and member of the International Board of Directors, ISPE Steering Committee Pharma 4.0™ – illustrates , in an exclusive interview, the state of the art of digitization in the Pharma, with particular focus on “The fifth ISPE Pharma 4.0™ Survey: how far in the journey are we?“.

The most significant data of the survey “The fifth ISPE Pharma 4.0™ Survey: how far in the journey are we?”

Almost 400 managers of Life Sciences companies from more than 40 countries around the world took part in the survey – presented by Teresa Minero together with Aurelio Ravarini, Associate Professor of Information Systems at C. Cattaneo LIUC University.

Among the most significant data, the lack of maturity of the sector, with 30% of companies that have not yet implemented Pharma 4.0 actions within the organization, almost half that are starting or are in the pilot phase and only 12% that performs systematic actions.

All this in the face of recognized benefits that companies would have in the implementation of Pharma 4.0 programs. Benefits ranging from an increase in efficiency and productivity to benefits in terms of quality and compliance and a reduction in time and costs.

As for the difficulties, which initially concerned the low maturity of technologies, today they are mainly focused on cultural and organizational issues and the lack of digital transformation skills within companies. They are determining factors for success and it is mainly on these points that work needs to be done in the coming years.

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