Innovative Education

Training is the most important investment that a company can make. It is only through well-designed training  that the people acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge to carry out their jobs effectively, consistently and safely. (Paolo Pegoraro, CEO Makinglife).

Through its training courses, MakingLife helps the growth of executives, managers and middle managers by supporting them to define and implement their personal and professional growth projects with a complete and innovative offer.
We like to define it “Innovative Education”.

The Network
MakingEducation offers courses in the Pharma area based on training designed ad hoc by qualified trainers and mentors, mainly coming from the professional world: a further guarantee of quality and concreteness for the students, but also an opportunity to meet and discuss with those who carry out managerial activities in companies or high level consultancy in their lives.
At Makinglife we ​​know the importance of connections: MakingEducation is not a simple course platform, but it is also a tool that helps build important relationships and create networking opportunities during exercises, interactive group activities, critical reading and analysis of successful and unsuccessful case studies.

The demolition of silos dei silos
MakingEducation’s training projects, which take the form of on-demand courses – always available on the platform – and live, interactive and dynamic courses, are also advanced tools for breaking down information silos within companies. This has a very specific purpose: awareness of the general objectives of any production or research process becomes the key to building a common corporate culture. For organizations, this is an opportunity to reevaluate priorities and create work environments in which employees can feel involved, stimulated and productive.

The guidelines
To make the learning process engaging and effective, all MakingEducation training courses respect our guidelines:

  • selection of innovative content in line with company needs and the skills most requested by the market;
  • organization of short, focused, immediate, highly effective modules;
  • meeting between theory and practice, with a pragmatic business-oriented approach;
  • orientation in learning-by-doing mode with field application;
  • teachers and trainers hired from among the best professionals in the sector, guaranteed by a scientific board of international importance.

Training paths and personalized training
MakingEducation has prepared a series of paths that allow numerous professional working in the Pharma sector to acquire the essential skills, or improve them to be even more performing in the company or on the market.

For companies interested a customized training, Makinglife designs training plans in line with company objectives, with flexible, authoritative and effective projects. If you are interested in learning more, we will be happy to prepare an analysis of the main training needs for your company, and an ad hoc proposal. All without obligation, obviously. Fill out the form, you will be contacted.

We like to define it “Innovative Education”: we are sure you will like it too!