Teachers and Trainers

Qualified trainers and subject matter expert coming mainly from the professional world: it guarantees our students a pragmatic and field approach and an opportunity to meet and discuss with those who in life carry out managerial activities in companies or in high-level consultancy.

Massimiliano Del Frate
Past Vice-President EGUALIA

Paola Minghetti
Full Professor at the University of Milan

Simone Abbatini
Art Director

Ivo Caldera
Chemical Engineer

Fabio Geremia
Consultant for leading companies in the pharmaceutical sector

Monica Gobbato
Digital Lawyer

Piero Iamartino
President E.I.P.G.
Direttore Board

Luca De Toro
Founder and Administrator of the Innovative Startup HSC S.p.A

Marco Alberio
CEO – Engineering Director at PharmaProcess

Francesco Boschi
Sr. Manager Technical Services – Global Microbiology & Aseptic Support Team (MAS) Pfizer

Walid El Azab
Co-founder & Managing Director QP Pro Services
Extensive expertise in GMP of sterile products

Marta Rodriguez
Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Manufacturing Expert in AEFI SPAIN

Sten O’Neil
Managing Director The Compliance Group Assistant Professor Trinity College Dublin
Honorary Associate Professor Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland

Mark Thompson
Managing Director MTL Projects Ltd
Expert in pharmaceutical engineering, especially in sterile product manufacturing

Tracy Moore
Fonder and CEO at TM Pharma Group Ltd and former MHRA Expert EU GMDP Inspector

Patrizia Muscas
Sterility Assurance Director, Global TS.MS Eli Lilly and Company