Giorgio Bruno introduces 62° AFI Symposium

This year edition of AFI Symposium is about the Health Supply Chain and the president Giorgio Bruno introduces the upcoming sessions


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The annual AFI Symposium, this year in its sixty-second edition, will deal with the topic of the health supply chain, the engine of development for the country. The theme will be declined in all its aspects thanks to thirteen in-depth sessions, coordinated by great experts in the sector.

As explained to us by the president of AFI, Giorgio Bruno, the health supply chain is a truly complex system that involves different activities and all coordinated with each other: from research and development and procurement of raw materials to the production of drugs and medical devices, from scientific and clinical research to the distribution and marketing of drugs but also of health services.

Competition in this sector is high and is played above all in terms of innovation and investment in research and development. The health supply chain must keep pace with the evolution of digital technologies and new discoveries in the field of molecular biology in order to provide personalized therapies. The interaction between the academic and industrial worlds, as well as between the various scientific disciplines, is becoming increasingly necessary.

In Italy, adds the President, a great challenge that this sector has to face is to cope with an increasing demand for health products and services, especially due to the aging of the population, a trend that particularly characterizes our country.

Not only that, now we can no longer talk about innovation and development if we do not consider them in a sustainable perspective, recalls Giorgio Bruno; environmental protection is a priority both in production processes and in patient education to conscious consumption and disposal of medicines, in order to make the Italian health supply chain a virtuous model of development not only economic but also social and environmental. Noteworthy is the innovative aspect that characterizes this year’s edition of the AFI national symposium: a redistribution of spaces inside the Palacongressi of Rimini, as usual, that will make the visitor experience more modern and dynamic.

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