Since over twenty years PHA.SE. operates in the Life Science sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological, Medical Device, Advanced Therapies, Biological Contenment, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic. The activities proposed by PHA.SE. are relate Engineering and Sector Compliance. The wide range of services offered and dedicated to Compliance can be summarized as follows: Engineering: Consulting activity, Feasibility study, Basic Design, Project Management, Computational Fluid Dynamic Validation: risk analysis, validation master plan, cleaning and process validation, DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ CSV: IT Infrastructure, Gap Analysis and Validations from PLC systems to ERP systems Commissioning: HVAC system; Gas and process utilities, FAT and SAT Testing: Thermal Mapping Monitoring controlled contamination environments Metrology: Calibration of critical process or monitoring probes Hazop: risk and operability analysis Segments PHARMACEUTICAL | BIOTECH | ADVANCED THERAPIES | MEDICAL DEVICE | NUTRACEUTICAL | COSMETIC | BIOLOGICAL CONTAINMENT | AEROSPACE


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Via Carlo Farini, 40


Via Carlo Farini, 40

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