Production of proteins with advanced and sustainable approach

Olon announces a strategic expansion to produce proteins with an advanced and sustainable approach. Paolo Tubertini, Ceo, comments: “We will be able to support innovative biotech companies to accelerate the development of new products, combining more advanced and sustainable manufacturing”


Ingredients & Excipients

Olon announces a major expansion of its Italian site located in Settimo Torinese, which is a historical asset of the global manufacturing network of the Group and moreover represents a centre of excellence for biotechnological manufacturing. The expansion is a key milestone for the site and a cornerstone of the Company strategy that is fostering the development of its biotechnological platform, both in terms of expertise and production capacity.

Olon will build and operate the new area with advanced technologies that, relying on the deep expertise in biomanufacturing, will produce proteins following innovative and highly sustainable processes. Microbial fermentation is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable technology.

The expansion will allow Olon to increase its capacity to accommodate new and existing clients’ needs, it fits in the strategy of expanding the CDMO services in different market segments. “We are significatively investing in our fermentation capacity following market trends that show an increased demand for microbial bio-manufactured compounds. Offering our expertise in CDMO services and biotechnological platforms as well, we are able to support innovative biotech companies to accelerate the development of new products, combining it with a more sustainable manufacturing approach” explains Paolo Tubertini, CEO at Olon Group. “We are fully committed to understand and meet our customers’ needs, as we continuously seek to provide new capacity and services.”

Thanks to this investment, the site of Settimo Torinese will offer the production capacity for the significant volumes needed to sustain the launch of new products.

Relying on an experience gained over more than 50 years, Olon Biotechnology Centres represents one of the most extensive know-how of microbial fermentation in Europe. Expertise and competence are combined with great flexibility at different levels related to the knowledge of various microorganisms and fermentation processes. Flexibility also reflects in the isolation and purification steps because they can rely on 20 different downstream plants. Furthermore, Biotechnology Centres can count on outstanding internal engineering capabilities and expertise. The global footprint led Olon to be one of the leaders in producing via microbial fermentation for third parties globally, thanks to the company’s size and the overall production capacity – 4,500m3.


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